Activor FOB For Reliance With Symbols 1YR.

$24.92 ex. GST
RTI-01 – 4-button remote, with symbol. Remotes to suit RSI-02 NX Bus Receiver Kit. FOB Battery: 2 x CR2032.

Activor FOB for RSR-01 With Numbers 1YR.

$27.30 ex. GST
RTR-01 – 4 Button Keyfob Transmitter with Numbers to suit RSR-01 FOB Battery: 2 x CR2032

CAME Gate Remote Control Black TOP-432 EV.

$31.82 ex. GST
CAME Gate Remote TOP432EV Compatibility The CAME 432EE remote control is capable of replacing a number of different CAME remote

Ditec Motor Gate Remote control.

$22.73 ex. GST
DITEC ZEN: THE TRANSMITTER SUITABLE FOR EVERY NEED Ditec ZENĀ is the new line of 2 channel and 4 channel remote

Universal Remote Control For Garage/Gate/Motor/Light/Lamp.

$59.09$95.45 ex. GST
Relay Receiver Board Parameter Working voltage  :  DC 12V Output/Input vlotage  :  1~250V Quiescent Current  :  <5MA Max current  :  10A Max load: